I can do it! (and The Deaf Institute)

You might have noticed that I have (with guidance from Dan) been able to resize the photos in the other posts so that you can now actually see what's going on.
You'll be able to now see Frank Sidebottom stood with us giving it the 'A-Ok' rather than just three of us looking like demented boy scouts lost in a psychedelic living room. Trust me, it makes more sense this way.
Since we've set this thing up all I've been doing is looking around my flat for things to blog about, but thankfully (for your good selves) I've so far refrained, as I'm pretty sure no one wants to read about a fully grown boy who lives in a dog's bed. That wasn't meant to intone that it's actually ME who lives in a dog's bed, I've got a normal human's bed.
Anyway, here are some cosmic live pictures from when we did a music gig (that's first, this is second if you were wondering) at The Deaf Institute in Manchester with West Coast tropical punks Abe Vigoda!

Thomas Greatorex

All pictures © Tom Cockram

We're currently waiting on some more photos, not live ones may I add, but ones of us being pop stars (in our own slightly un-pop star way) around Sheffield and Manchester.
Keep on keeping on!