Testing, testing, world are you there?

Blogging eh?
Blog.....sounds like Australian slang for toilet, do you not think?
Anyway, welcome to Televised Crimewave's first blog!
Well, first blog written specifically for this blogspot, as you can see below I've posted two blogs that appeared on our myspace a couple of days ago just so it didn't look too sparse on here and so I could practice my inter-communicative skills.
You may notice I fucked it right up.
The pictures that accompany the script are missing a bit off each one, I've not one solitary idea how to rectify this so any input from those who may be more net savvy than I is more than appreciated.
Often on here you may see (once I've figured out how to be a blog superstar) photos that may relate to Televised Crimewave doing nothing imparticular, with no written explanation.....just enjoy them, I've been informed that that's what people do.
This entry is boring as fuck isn't it?
I just want to get all the banal chuff out of the way in this one so we never have to explain all of it again.
Right, you might not even know who Televised Crimewave are so just go to our profile and check out our myspace link.
It wont just be me (Tom) writing on here either, so if you HATE me or have decided to become my enemy then don't fret, Dan, Rob and/or Batneck will be on here at some point too.
For now, I'll let you get back to looking at our myspace, but check back soon!
Oh, also, add us to your list if you like, so you know when we've done something that you might want to know about.
Goodbye new fwends.