Sheffield Steel City

Averaging 2 blogs a day is quite, quite unhealthy.
But when you've got photos to share...well...what can y' do?
After the Mika Miko show in Sheffield we all sloped off back to our compadre Cooper's house. He doesn't have a first name, a bit like Bono or Morrissey and his house is about the same size as theirs....I'd assume.
He has a camera and he knows how to use it, unlike me who has a camera but can't quite find where the action happens.
Therefore, this entry is dedicated to Cooper and the memory of McEvoy (he's not deceased, it was just his birthday).

Thomas Greatorex

                                            "Only 2 pop stars in the shop at any one time"

                                                               Dan and The Baby

(L-R) Adam Clayton, Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen
I'm a popstar, not a model, alright?

Aint it t' troof!

McEvoy, he's a model not a popstar, alright?

Street tuffs...nuff said