SCOTLAND - the evidence

Monday night and it's my first night home after the tour. Coming home is ALWAYS the worst part about going on tour, but this time we return with fond memories and even more ringing in our ears. Here is a peak into what happened...
Day 1 - The train journeys begin!

I don't have an iPOD or anything fancy like that so I have to entertain myself with pens and paper on the l-o-n-g train rides...

Venue number 1

Travelodge number 1... I know what your thinking... 'high rollers'!

Thanks to everyone who came to see us in Glasgow, especially the girls who got a Megabus from London to see us play! That is dedication!
Our friends Lauren and Kerry also made the same EPIC journey!

After the gig it was back to Art School! AWESOME!

Day 2 - Traveling light... all the way to Edinburgh!

Again the gig was incredible and it was at the 'Wee Red Bar' where the Fire Engines, Josef K and Orange Juice all cut their teeth Live... so that made it ultra special.

Post gig is a blur of trains, missed phone calls and sleep paralysis which somehow led us to drinking 'til 5am with Tom Hingley from the Inspiral Carpets, which was ACE!

Day 3
Praise the Lord!
We did not have to set foot on a train, so we got to spend the day in fife looking for Laura Palmer's body...

I think it's safe to say we all had a truly amazing time in Scotland!
Thank you to everyone who came to see us, sang karaoke, gave us home brew and made the best pie I ever ate...

Day 4 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Back to London which was also really FUN!
I totally loved the gig last night at the legion!
Film evidence from that show will be online soon I promise...
Hope all is good in the world, Daniel x