The greatest Punk Rock show on Earth!

Right, listen up 'cos this is a special one right here.

Next week (Thursday 21st to be precise) TELEVISED CRIMEWAVE will be playing a one off FREE instore gig in the smallest record shop known to man.
When I say small, I mean fucking frighteningly tiny!

It's at 'Nudge Records' which is on Handbury Street, just off Brick Lane.

We're doing it because we don't want to play Stag & Dagger but we do want to play a gig.
We're bored of normal venues charging you a fortune to get in and then charging you a fortune for piss weak lager, so we're going to charge you nothing to see us somewhere you'll never see us again and you can nip across the street to the off-license and get 6 cans for £5.

Also those in attendance will get a FREE TELEVISED CRIMEWAVE envelope containing a code to receive a FREE download!

The earlier you get down the better view you'll have, but trust us, you'll be pretty much exchanging molecules in this place.

Here are the details:
May 21st - 7pm
Nudge Records
20 Hanbury Street, E1

See you there!