CAMDEN CRAWL! So amazing!

Yesterday was the Camden Crawl, and possibly the most fun I have ever had!
We got our grubby little hands on copies of our E.P which came out in Japan on Wednesday...

They look so cool I almost cried (with joy)... also they translated all my lyrics which only made the whole thing ever cooler!

A sneak peak at the art work which Rob and eye put together. If you look close enough you can see Kurt and Courtney in there! Sweet!

Indie bling...

There were so many amazing bands playing yesterday it was hard to know which direction to point your eyes in. Then a whisper came our way that Graham Coxon was playing in a tiny pub... after a close call we finally made it into the venue just in time, we wrote him a little love letter.

But this loser in the checked shirt wouldn't pass it forward to el Coxon!
Why did he have to crush my dreams????
Also check out Tom outside the window looking all cool with his new t shirt on.

Then this happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Graham quickly snapped up a copy of our E.P and asked really nicely if we could pose for a picture with him.

Then it was the most important part of the evening... well for us anyway!
Our gig...which was probably the most fun I have ever had.

This was partly due to the fact that we decided to play a brand new song for the first time ever... it's called 'Sweet Teeth' and this was it's debut:::::::::