firstly thanks to everyone who came along with singing and dancing hearts and minds to our gig in lOnDON last we week.
that was such a fun gig, and we got to play our new song THE FALL OF 91 which is always a treat for us.
it has been a rather dizzying 7 days what with all the dj ing, playing, writing. black magic, and camping trips we have been organising.
a particular high light for me though was our road trip up to Leeds.

Leeds was AWESOME in every possible way! again a big thanks to everyone who came along. Sunday was going swimmingly too... until we started plotting a televised crimewave camping trip. Not for fun i must add but to induce FEAR. why we started this train of thought is beyond me, but Rob knows the perfect location, situated between an old mental institute and a lake, where several escapee's drowned!!!!
gripped by fear and strange happenings in the dark i was almost too scared to get out of rob's car and into the taxi.
my mind was unravelling, painting pictures of a demonic time travelling alien killing voo doo demon zombies who were going to eat my face.
what a day! an emotional roller coaster to say the least. I thought the good times were over.. but there was one little treat up sunday's sleeve for us.
that treat was in the shape of our taxi driver who was a wannabe elvis impersonator and one of the nicest guys on planet earth.
he had the look nailed, but was a little too shy to take his talents to the stage yet. He did however treat us to a sneak preview by singing along to his elvis instrumentals Cd.

a perfect ending to a perfect trip.