They don't capture your soul.....they make you look nice.

The wonderfully talented Matt Saunders has taken some spiffing POPP! shots of TELEVISED CRIMEWAVE that you can view on our myspace profile.
Just click this: THIS!
He's a great guy, so if you ever meet him pat his back and say "You're great!"

Go check them out!


Is the current recession grinding your wallet like a hippo eating toast?
Are you concerned that you'll never leave your bedsit ever again?
Did you read about that wind turbine that was hit by a UFO the other day?


TELEVISED CRIMEWAVE'S first LONDON gig of the year is coming up (WEDNESDAY 14TH JAN) and you can get in at a recession busting price if you email us your names!
Here is the news, I mean details:
It's at 93 Feet East on Brick Lane, East London supporting the wonderful SCANNERS.
Tickets are £5 from
(I bet we'll be on about 8:30 or something, just so you know)

But here's the credit crunch destroying part!!!!
Just email your names to to be added to the cheap list.
It's going to be a wonderfully dazzling evening, with new clothes, new haircuts and NEW SONGS!
Be there so we can all say "Hello 2009, please be a kind master!".
All hail our intergallactic visitors! Tom x