We will bleed for MTV & other stories for excited children

Hello fellow Earth dwellers!
It's about time we told you what we've been up to, rather than just plugging away our gigs and telling you all to go somewhere at sometime to see something!
So that's what we'll do.
Rather than have any kind of logical chronology to it I'll just write as my memory sees fit. I hope it works....my memory I mean, not my dismissal of time.
Last night then.
Last night we filmed a promo for MTV & Levi's 'One's To Watch', I don't have MTV where I live so I can't explain ....aaahhhh fuckfuckfuck, massive chest pain...christ......sorry, that's over........erm, so I can't explain the actual premise of the program. I'm sure all of you are far more clued up than I, so you'll not need an explanation anyway.
It was directed by the incredibly talented Adham Faramawy for our song 'Listen & Repeat', and good golly was it a fun experience. At Adham's behest we filmed it outside, we moaned because we're wimps and it was cold, but he told us to "Shut the fuck up and just do it".......so we did.
It was all 'Y Control', Lynch, cat scratches, skin peeling, blood bleeding, nightmare juice.
When can you see it?
No idea my friends.
When MTV say you can.
But here are two pictures that give you no idea what it will be like, but a slight idea of what it was like (yes, that blood is real, it's from my sweary finger on my right hand that now has no skin on. Fake blood is for Bring Me The Horizon), oh and yes, they are real drums:

So there you go, I sprayed my lovely, clean-ish blood all over my bloody lovely, clean-ish bass for MTV, a channel I can't even watch.

What else we been up t'?
Well, the 100 Club with Late of the Pier was frankly amazing.
Have you ever been in that place?
It's great, it hasn't changed since the 1950's (Cribs reference eagle eyed fans), not that I ever went there in the 50's, someone told me. I believe pretty much everything I'm told, it makes me more exciting when I need to tell stories of my own.
There are some fantastic pictures lining the walls, all the obvious culprits are there like the Pistols and Oasis, but Metal Licker and The Stones played there don't you know?
And this bloke who me and Dan thought was Elton John, but turns out wasn't.
Oh and I got to meet Terry Hall, the singer from The Specials, which was great. I'm a big fan y'see. There's a picture somewhere, but I'm not sure where.
Everyone says he's a miserable git, but I thought he was sound. I'm a miserable git, he's just a professional.

We've got our first ever Manchester and Sheffield dates next week too!
Outer Space!
And also a gig at The Lexington near Kings Cross for LR Rockets single launch!
Space dust!
AND after that we're doing Underage Festival's Christmas Special!
But you can only come to that if you're no older than 16. SO WATCH OUT!
Saturn's Rings!

I know I said I wasn't going to tell you about gigs in this blog, but I did anyway.

We've got some galacticaly hot news coming up for you soon, but we can't tell you until nearer Jesus' birthday, so think of it as a Christmas present.
Obviously not your main present, otherwise you'd have a shit Christmas if it was me just emailing you getting excited about what we'll be up to in the New Year.

Keep warm and keep safe, it's getting dark dead early now so don't be daft.


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